On "tire" le portrait de... Åshild !

by Luli Rodriguez Gugliotta

Cette semaine nous tirons le portrait d'Åshild qui porte le Cabas Pampa. Takk Åshild !

Photo: Lene Neverdal

Photo: Lene Neverdal

Ton lieu de vie:

I live in a country where the winter is always dark but the sun never goes down in the summer... with fjords, mountains, vikings and salmon. If you did´nt guess it, I’m from Norway.

Ton travail:

I’m a designer, creating services and user experiences. For my boyfriend it took some months to understand what I’m doing, but shortly I’m building a better world and trying to make everyday life easier. Any questions? You can find me at EGGS Design...

Quel est ton sac Laïta? Et pourquoi lui?

My bag is the "Cabas Pampa" and I love it. I got it for my 30th birthday from my Parisian friends, including its creators. It was a perfect and personal gift. It’s now filled up with good memories !

Mon sac et moi:

I’m the only one in Norway with a Laïta bag, so I feel like an ambassador of the brand. I bring my bag everywhere... at work, parties, weekends, even on backpacking trips in Georgia. It is a perfect size for me, running around holding workshops . Everything fits in it, laptop, paper rolls, wine bottles, cross country equipment and fishing line.

It’s a perfect user experience owning a Laïta bag.

Pourquoi Laïta:

I would say it has something practical, colorful and it represents good values. And of course it’s chic and elegant. Arnaud and Luli, hardworking people, are creating a lovely story with their brand - between Paris and Buenos Aires. It’s a perfect user experience owning a Laïta bag. Bravo!