Laïta tire le portrait de... Jessica !

by Luli Rodriguez Gugliotta

Cette semaine, Laïta tire le portrait de Jessica Ourisman, à Los Angeles. Nous nous sommes rencontrés il y a quelques semaines grâce à... Instagram !

Jessica porte le sac Gaucha Calafate, pour lequel elle a eu un immense coup de coeur. A tel point qu'elle répand aujourd'hui la bonne nouvelle à Los Angeles, et que ça commence à faire des émules ! 

©Jodee Debes Photography

©Jodee Debes Photography

Jessica, you're a journalist working in... fashion! Can you tell us more about it (and you)?

Sure ! Most of my writing is about fashion, but I love the freedom of being a writer. I'm actually writing a book on Psychology right now!

What are you looking for in new fashion brands ? What is your future vision of fashion accessories ?

I look for originality, quality and elegance that complements the natural beauty of the person who wears it. We don't have anything like Laita in America right now -- something authentic, modern and with luxury craftsmanship. It's a perfect luxury brand for the Bohemian spirit.

You're from LA but you're wearing Laïta's bags... How so ?

I discovered Laïta while on a trip to Paris with my boyfriend, Tom. I fell in love with my bag and the line, and wished America had access to it. I think LA is ready to embrace the spirit of individuality more.

What touches you the most in Laïta's story ?

To me, Laïta is a love story. It takes two cultures, two traditions, and brings them together to create something vibrant, beautiful and new. I feel that Laïta has a soul to its pieces, and I love that.

How about Laïta's future in LA ?

Laïta has the potential to inspire an entire generation of young people who crave adventure from within the business-oriented urban lifestyle in places like LA and NYC. We're seeking authenticity and culture, and a line like Laïta shows us one way.

Have you tried "Tumaca truc"?

Not yet, but I can't wait to! Gourmet food trucks are so fun and different ! They're very popular right now. Maybe Laïta and Tumaca Truck should co-host an event in America... ;)

Sac Gaucha "CALAFATE" - Noir

Sac Gaucha "CALAFATE" - Noir